Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is a holistic system of energetic healing that works solely with Source Consciousness. Energetic healings connect you and your morphogenetic field directly to the Universal Creator. This allows you to transcend the limiting conditions on Earth to gain unlimited knowledge, and release emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, and discomfort in the physical body.

This work is about intense transformation. During your session, you will likely experience deep relaxation, emotional release, and even physical reactions to the energy that is running through your energetic field. Make no mistake, massive healing takes place with just one session.

A session may involve:

Bringing Awareness to your System
Karmic Release
Clearing, Upgrading, Cleansing, and Opening of the Chakra System
Frequency Upgrades
Past Life and Ancestral Healing
Energizing the Body
Clearing Distortions
Releasing Trauma in the Body
Stress Relief & Relaxation
Retrieving Messages, Contracts, and Assignments
Deepening your Connection to Source
Release of Emotional and Spiritual Blocks
Boosting the Immune System
Working with the Meridian Pathways


Make sure to have space and time set up for no distractions for yourself, both during and after our session. Typically healing can take place over the course of several days after our session.

Sessions are 60-90 minutes.
Fee: $111 US


Higher Purpose Activation with the Gene Keys 

The Gene Keys Transmission is a contemplation tool and archetypal language that engages deep introspection, creative contemplation, and communal synergy.  Using the combination of Human Design and the ancient I Ching, the Gene Keys is a grand synthesis of living wisdom that will help guide you into a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. It is like a precious treasure map into your own DNA.

This work has massively impacted my personal life and I have dedicated over a year of study to learning how these Keys are both the map and compass to your internal and external worlds.  They have the potential to unlock the great reservoir of genius that lies inside you and bring you into a deep state of harmony with every aspect of your life.

These sessions are designed to guide you into understanding what is holding you back in specific areas of your life and how you can thrive in harmony with your true self.


Those areas might include:


Your Life's Work

Your Purpose

Your Relationships

Your Service to Others

You will leave with tools that will help you integrate wisdom into your daily life, assisting you in raising the frequency of your reality.

*I recommend you access your free Gene Keys Profile here prior to booking a session with me and explore the work on your own. I'm happy to guide you in any areas of your profile you feel called, not just those listed above, so let me know which Keys are calling to you.

Sessions are 90-120 minutes.

Fee: $333 US


Private Mentorship Programs

When we open up to sisterhood and community, a beautiful space of receiving direct wisdom widens for us. So much of my work was learned this way; through great teachers, mystic guides, and deep friendships. It is my belief that the ability to be vulnerable in our relationships can bridge major gaps in the way we live our lives. It opens us up to being able to receive more love from those around us, and in turn, we learn to love ourselves.

Mentorship programs typically represent a lengthy journey, crossed overtime at a slow pace. Some journies can last weeks, months, or even years. We work together to tailor a path with your specific intentions for growth in mind and together we "walk". 

If you feel called to journey with me, please reach out. Rates vary and are sometimes not even applicable. If the connection feels right, most often the path opens up before us, and we just go. :)


Group Sessions

I often hold workshops for groups and I am available for booking in the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas. Stay tuned to my events page for more information or follow me on IG for updates.

A few past Workshops:

Eternal Meditation

Chakra Breath Workshop

Uncovering Distortions

Cosmic Gateway Activation

Astral Traveling Journey

Quantum Healing Level 1 and 2

Activate Your Light

Deepen in Gratitude

Let's Work Together

For booking and session information please give me a call @ 502.656.9213 or email