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Eternal Meditation

Sunset on the Desert

This live meditation will guide you through the journey of lifetimes. What if this is not the only life you will have? What if there is more beyond the veil? This meditation will bring you to the awareness of truth, through releasing what is ready and nourishing what is needed. It will bring you to a massive awakening to your unrealized potential by allowing you to embrace THIS life. How would you live knowing life continues on after death?

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Quantum Healing Level 1 Course

During the month of September 2021, I am offering a Quantum Healing Level 1, 5-week course. Learn about Source Energy, Consciousness, Energetic Anatomy, the Quantum view of reality, and how to run energy for self-healing and the healing of others. The time has come for me to pass on all of the knowledge I gain through the years of dedicated practice. We start on September 1st!

Wild Nature
Sunset in the Woods

In-Person Sessions

This great work is expanding into the local community!

I'm offering in-person sessions on Wednesdays at the Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center in Louisville, Kentucky beginning in July 2021.


Often I educate about the work that I do through my Instagram Stories. Feel free to follow along!

Occasionally I offer free meditations, group meetings, free healings, and other community gatherings that are often promoted via Social Media.

I'm proud to say the Growing Holistic community is now serving many countries across our world.



Currently, I have In-Person workshops scheduled for October 16, 2021, and November 27, 2021, at the Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

For booking, please register with the Wellness Center.

Online Workshops are in the works. Stay tuned for updates.


It is my belief that financial status should never impede one's health or spiritual journey. I offer scholarships and trade-of-services for those that are ready to work with me but may not have the financial means to do so.

Eventually, monetary exchange will be a thing of that past, but for now, we can work together to overcome these limiting social structures that have been created for us.

Please reach out to me for more information.

Sunset in Mountain