Meet Jessica Warren

Co-Creator, Energy Healer, Earth Guardian, Teacher

In 2015, after making radical changes to my life, I embarked on a long (and continuing) journey of remembering who I am. My spiritual journey has been a relentless pursuit of constant and dedicated devotion to clearing my personal trauma, from this lifetime and beyond. Over the years, I have experimented with numerous healing modalities, worked with many spiritual mentors, and spent YEARS in deep self-study. 

I have dedicated my life to helping others heal their traumas, clear their karma, and overcome distortions in their energetic fields, emotional patterns, and in their perceptions of their reality. Growing Holistic is an extension of that continued mission.

In my practice I use many forms of energy healing, some learned in this realm and some natural-born gifts. My certifications include Reiki (I, II, & master), Vortex Healing®, Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), Gene Keys Guide, and RYT 200 (yoga). The work not of this realm has been cultivated through my intense exploration of self through working directly with my Guides.

I know this work may seem overwhelming or serious, but my biggest gift is bringing laughter and joy into the space. At the end of the day, I'm a girl with a real-life full of everyday challenges, children to raise, and a wicked sense of humor. I have a very practical and relatable way in which I work with clients that helps bridge understanding and integrates healing.

Take a look around for more information on services and workshops. Always feel free to contact me directly for more information.

My wish is for you to find more joy in life, by breaking through the barriers of your limiting beliefs. Anything is possible.

Much Love,


Growing Holistic

My life's work is to honor the beauty all around you.


-My Approach

Desert Dune
Energy Healing
Feather 1

Bridging a connection to Source, through quantum energy healing techniques to help you raise your vibrational frequency through releasing and clearing of old patterns, trauma, and negative emotional and mental conditioning.

Organic Blueprint

Working to clear energetic distortions within your reality matrix, release of generational trauma, and the return to your infinite multidimensional Organic Blueprint.

Eternal Life

Natural Cosmic Laws of Multidimensional Physics support Eternal Life, Ascension mechanics, and your Universal right to true Soul freedom that is free from death.

Feather 5

You are a Co-Creator of your reality, the Collective reality, and the Cosmic reality that we experience. Co-creation allows you to move past a self-service distortion that our culture & social structures have created for us. This is a return to your sovereignty.


Within the Earth realm, there are many perpetrated distortions that affect the way we view our reality. Many are unaware. Part of my mission is to expose these distortions.


A concept consisting of various fields of study including Morphogenetic Science,  Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Scalar Energy Frequency, and the ability to self-control the advancement of our personal DNA.  

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